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The Makeovers Curriculum program is available to download for only $29.95. You will receive ten downloadable folders divided into subjects that are stocked full of tools to help you in teaching your preschooler the beginning blocks of learning…through play.

You may use any major credit card to make your purchase. We use PayPal for payment processing, but a PayPal account is not required.

After you have made your purchase, you will receive login information including the required User Name and Password. Please record this information: it will be valid for 30 days.

Program Contents

Creative art:
  • Goals list
  • Stencils for creative art projects
  • Center inventory list
  • Creative art projects
Fine and gross motor:
  • Center inventory list
  • Yoga program
  • Fine motor cutout worksheets
  • Gross motor games
Social Emotional Management:
  • Goals list
  • So many ways to praise a child
  • Manners chart
  • House rules
  • How to put the discipline policy into action
  • Writing your name, address, and phone number
  • How to introduce yourself
  • Emotions faces
  • Thinking spot sign
  • Field trip ideas list
Language Arts, Storytelling, and Dramatic Play:
  • Goals list
  • Center inventory for Dramatic Play
  • Center inventory for Language Arts
  • Stories for storytelling
  • Storytelling format
  • How to play store with props worksheets
  • How to play restaurant with props worksheets
  • How to play doctor's office
  • How to play theater with props worksheets
  • How to play popcorn and lemonade stand
  • Goals list
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Instruments list
  • Music samples list
  • Goals list
  • Tracing and coloring number worksheets-for toddler and pre-kindergarten
  • Shapes coloring and tracing worksheets
  • Fractions worksheet
  • Addition worksheet
  • Graphing worksheets
  • Number line
  • Math center inventory list
Reading and writing:
  • Instructions on how to print letters for toddlers and pre-kindergarten.
  • Reading and writing center inventory list
  • Tracing your name worksheet
  • Tracing sentences worksheets
  • Goals list
  • Alphabet coloring and tracing worksheets for toddlers and pre-kindergarten
  • Letter/number flashcards in different sizes for matching
  • Instructions on having a successful circle time for toddlers and pre-kindergarten
  • Days of the week flashcards
  • Months of the year flashcards
  • Seasons flashcards
  • Sight words flash cards
  • Action words flash cards
  • Blank lesson plans for toddlers and pre-kindergarten
  • Daily curriculum routine layout for toddlers and pre-kindergarten
Social Studies:
  • Lessons on how a community works like- voting, making laws, government
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Yearly celebrations list
  • Songs like the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful
  • Artist of the month like Picasso and Monet coloring worksheets and introductions
  • Historical person of the month like Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi, and Galileo
  • Country of the month like Italy and China
  • Geography~continents and oceans
  • How the world works like electricity, simple machines, plants, and chemistry
  • Life cycle of a butterfly
  • Colors tracing and coloring worksheets for toddlers and pre-kindergarten
  • Animal coloring pages and introductions
  • The human body coloring pages and introductions
  • The food pyramid and cutouts
  • Science experiments