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Social studies is learning about the world around us. The preschool years are the foundation of a young person's curiosity for life around our planet.

All social studies lessons start at home. The family is the young child's immediate social group. The family sets the standard for each preschooler's beliefs about the world we all share.

As the toddler grows into the three and four year old, he/she becomes aware of the community such as police and fire stations, grocery store, library, parks, museums, festivals, and cultural events.

Introducing the young mind to such concepts as planet Earth, continents, oceans, and different cultures and customs through play makes new connections in the brain that will lead to easier grasping of these ideas in the important school years. A curious child is more involved in academics. The opportunity to grow socially and emotionally is enhanced.

Country of the month art project: China

Introducing a child to artists like Picasso, Monet, Chagall, and Seurat will lead to an appreciation for art later in life. When children use the same painting techniques as the artists listed above, they learn to express themselves and their emotions through art. Their ability to connect the right side of the brain with their left side shifts to other aspects of their lives and they are more in tune with their emotions and desires.

As children get exposed to social studies, they learn what is important like manners in a restaurant, greeting an adult, knowing their basic information like full name, address and phone number.

In our Makeovers Curriculum Social Studies section, you and your child are given a rainbow of information. You will explore many topics that will make your child a willing participant in our wonderful world. Exposing your child to social events will open up the door to a lot of new experiences…Enjoy…

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